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Published : 11 Apr 2019
Author : Presiden Joko Widodo

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Pahit getir hidup telah dilalui Joko Widodo, semenjak kecil. Ia menghabiskan masa kecil berpindah-pindah dari rumah kontrakan ke rumah kontrakan lain.

Ayahnya berjuang menghidupi istri dan empat anak dengan berjualan bambu dan kayu di pasar. Semua demi Jokowi dan adik-adiknya bisa bersekolah dan meraih masa depan.

Perjalanan hidup Joko Widodo, yang kini seorang Presiden, adalah gambaran pada umumnya rakyat jelata. Gambaran kita.


Throughout his childhood, hardship was not a stranger to Joko Widodo, as he spent his younger years moving from one rented house to another.

His father struggled to make ends meet and support his wife and four children by selling bamboo and wood in the market. He did all that so that Jokowi and his younger siblings can go to school and have better futures.

Now Jokowi has become the president of Indonesia, but his journey is a story that most Indonesian would be able to relate to. He came from a humble beginning, just like most of us. His story was one of ours, he IS one of us.

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